Industries and Use cases is a universal data process builder, it can help in wide range of applications with special focus on following:


Apps where multiple users engage with each other are very often places where data merging and enriching is needed. can help not only with cleaning of manual user entries but also setting up more structured data process such are recommendation engines with ease.

Logistics and Transportation

While logistics and transportation are classical industrial domains there's still plenty of unsolved data problems in the existing processes that need to be solved. With it is very easy to gather important market data and connect to all your vehicles, drivers, customers and integrate it with your own system.


Ever wished to automate buying or selling of goods or smoothly track your favourite online shop prices? With you can set up any watch dog process within several minutes.

Sensor Data, Signal Processing, and Time Series

You can continuously feed with new data coming from your sensors. Our platform can clean and merge data coming even on different time frequencies and standardize your output so you can use the data in your favourite models.

Real Estate Platforms

With new real estate coming every minute at dozens of servers, one simply needs to merge all these data sources to have complete overview of the real estate market. allows for near realtime updates of your favourite properties.

Venture Capital

Need to track your favourite startups and find new ones with your own custom preferences? Want to know about every status change? can help with that.

E-sports and Sports Analytics

Do you need to have continuous feed of newly coming data directly from the game? No matter if you are a player, a team, or someone who is betting on the game, with our platform you can easily get data you need to improve your results.

Fintech and Crypto

Want to prepare your own trading bot with data collection and alerting? With Forloop, your project can run 24/7 without you setting up complicated servers and virtual machines. We've done the heavy lifting for you!

Many more usecases...

The list above is definitely not complete, so don't hesitate to be creative and use it also for your specific original usecase!