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Hi and nice to meet you! This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.

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    Sebastian Berg
    CEO / Co-founder

    Sebastian has four years experience on the commercial side of startups, two as a co-founder. Created enterprise AI-products that got adopted across EU. MSc. at the intersection of business and data science. 

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    Dominik Vach
    CTO / Co-founder

    Dominik has been CTO and Chief Data Scientist at two data-driven startups, where the large scale managing of data flows spurred the idea for this startup. He holds a MSc. in Math, MSc. in Finance, and BSc. in Physics.

  • Ira
    Ira Saktor
    Chief Data Scientist

    Ira is a Data Scientist with experience from gaming, cyber-security and FMCG industries. He has a MSc. in Economics and thinks that statistics and quantitative finance are fun. 

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    Elena Mizerakova
    BI Analyst

    Elena has experience from both VC and tech startups and is passionate about technology, BI, design, and AR/VR topics. She holds a MSc. in Economics and Finance.

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    Juan Velasquez
    Python Developer

    Juan is a Backend developer experienced in APIs design and automation. He holds a Bc. in Microelectronics. His favorite hobby is to learn and reinforce new skills.

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    Makar Diakonov
    Python Developer

    Makar is a Python developer with an interest in data science and ML. He focuses mainly on APIs and integrations. He is currently studying Computer Science. 

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    Branislav Dubec
    Python developer

    Branislav is a Python developer with experience both in Frontend and Backend. He currently focuses on databases and ML engineering. He holds Bc. in Computer Science and is currently studying MSc.

  • Daniel chmurny
    Daniel Chmurny
    Python Developer

    Daniel is a Python developer with an interest in data science and scientific computing. He holds a Bc. in Physics and currently studies MSc. in Astrophysics.

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