Why Forloop.ai?

The data processes are the bottleneck of innovation.

Today's data handling is too complicated

Forloop.ai is built on an idea that in future more and more processes will be driven by data. But this data needs to be collected, cleaned, combined, transformed, and structured which is something which requires a lot of expertise, time, and money before the data can be actually used in advanced AI/ML models in order to drive the business value.

Let our AI help you solve your data problems

That's why we embed intelligent recommendation system in the pipeline building process which helps you to prepare state-of-the-art data process in matter of hours instead of months of development.

Enjoy the Process

Customize your data flows in a simple no-code UI with easy and fun to use drag-and-drop modules and thus saving you writing tons of lines of code. All of this coming also with a smooth Python integration so you can still see under the hood, be flexible, and create your scripts faster.

Our mission is to accelerate the advent of intelligent data processing and automated pipeline synthesis

We believe that automation will help data scientists to focus on more and more advanced mathematical problems where human creativity is essential.
Product roadmap 2022